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What is moTwin?

moTwin provides the ideal solution for developers to build powerful enterprise applications quickly and easily. The moTwin platform includes back-end development framework for enterprise developers. Developers get the benefit of all built-in modules for development in the language they are comfortable with on the server, security features, and connectors to integrate with the back-end systems. So, they can focus on creating real-time high-performance mobile and Web applications with unique capabilities:



moTwin has developed a patented technology that allows developers to create applications that can handle network issues related to mobility. Since disconnections are common on mobile networks, we have developed a technology that resolves this issue so that developers can focus on bringing value to your users. The resiliency feature allows users to access their data even in poor network conditions, facilitating service access anywhere, anytime.



The current Web architecture based on polling model (aka request/refresh) leads to a massive overhead and can only approach a near-real time update of dynamic content. When used for mobile application it just becomes not suitable and can lead to dramatic performance & costs issues (battery life, user experience, infrastructure, etc.).


moTwin is the only true real-time solution for mobile app development with a live data streaming API designed to address the limitations of current Web architecture and serve as the communication model for the next generation of interactive Web & mobile applications.


No more polling, no more refresh: views are updated automatically as soon as data has changed on the back end. By removing polling and refresh, real-time drastically reduces network and server load. This allows developers to do more with less and keep a clean code base.



It’s all about the user experience and user experience is closely related to application performance. Users do not expect to see endless spinning wheel while waiting for their data. They want it now. moTwin improves application efficiency by providing an off-line cache combined with incremental updates. Our incremental update technology dramatically reduces amount of data sent to the devices and removes the dependency on the network by transmitting only part of data that has changed leading to an outstanding user experience.

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